Paris on TDF day

How is it possible that we don’t have a ton of races scheduled for tomorrow on the Champs Elysee? It seems like low hanging fruit and kinda obvious?

Really we should have more races there full stop.

Because that’s an extremely BORING world and the novelty wore off after the first ride. :man_shrugging:


Ding ding ding!

Few levels do so little with so much.


Oh that’s bullshit - it’s a great race world like Crit City. Stop complaining

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Apparently not everyone shares your opinion

Would have been great to have the other France world link to it so you could do the first part there and then end with a couple of laps of the Paris course.



i free-rode paris once, and i will probably not do that again; it’s not great for that.

however, for group rides and races, it’s killer. it’s probably the hardest loop i’ve ridden on zwift. that uphill sprint that doesn’t end at the top of the hill literally shreds me. after you do that, then you have to keep the power up on the descent or you get dropped. this course will definitely make you stronger.

Anybody know why our friends at Zwift didn’t include Paris on the France map with a metro link (like London) or perhaps a misplaced Millau Viaduct. Would have increased our options.

PS. I’m enjoying France so far. I don’t mind Paris, but have only ridden it twice. Not a bad route if doing a recovery ride or something.

GPS coordinates most likely. France is completely fake other than the Ven-Top recreation, so the GPS coordinates that upload to Strava would look strange.

But then, how do you explain the glass roads in Central Park New York and the Surrey hills of London?