Tacx Bushido smart not detected on new PC

Hello i have just purchased a new PC with Bluetooth 5.0 in the motherboard, and today i just tried zwift and i had a bad time with my trainer. the program detects immediately my HRM (just like it did in the laptop i had, where in less than 10 seconds it detects my HRM and my trainer with power, cadence and Controllable) but it does not detects my trainer, sometime it says that it has detected it after a while, but immediately after it goes “unavailable”. why would this happen? i tried updating the driver on my pc but nothing happened, and there is no newer firmware for the trainer.

additional data:
If i try to pair it with the laptop i keep getting the same awesome result it is just with the PC that it has a problem. the trainer also is visible from my phone in the tacx apps.

This guy was wondering if anyone has gotten Bluetooth 5 to work with zwift as he was also having problems.