Bluetooth 5 not connecting to zwift

As part of my troubleshooting of my connectivity problems of late I decided that I would buy another bluetooth dongle as a backup as my ant+ has been disappearing from zwift. I decided to buy a bluetooth 5 usb seeing as it must be the new standard. However when I get on the pairing screen zwift isn’t seeing the bluetooth dongle. Has anyone managed to get zwift to work with a bluetooth 5 usb dongle? It would be good to be able to get it to work as a backup connection device.

Hola, no se si te sirve pero el zwift en la pc no se conecta directo a los dispositivos de tu bicicleta si no que tenes que usar el zwift companion en un movil y de ahí vía bluetooh a la pc o notebok,

with my bluetooth 4 adapter everything connects perfectly via zwift pc app.

con mi adaptador bluetooth 4 todo se conecta perfectamente a través de la aplicación zwift para pc.