Tacx Blue Motion resistance level with Power Meter

Hello !

First of all, I LOVE Zwift. It is such a great way to keep motivated during the long winter months (I am from Canada so winter is long…and…cold).

I own a Tacx Blue matic with the 10 levels of resistance as well as a Garmin Vector power meter (pedals).

I am having a hard time figuring out what level to use on my Tacx. I remember when I used to use Zpower they said to put it on 3 but I feel that 4 and above would give me more power.

I also am wondering how to simulate the hills, is it better to crank up the resistance or my actual bike gears ?

Let me know if you have any answers for me.

Thank you!

Since you have a power meter the real answer is - it doesn’t matter. Choose whatever level you feel comfortable pushing against. The recommendation for zPower doesn’t have any relevance once you’re using a power meter.