Tacx Blue Motion Resistance 4 is too easy for that much power

Hello Zwift Community,

Until today as instructed I used resistance level 4 on my trainer and it worked ok. However yesterday in a race event we held with a local cycling group the general feedback was the wattage showing too high. Some of us even used resistance level 5 as the wattage numbers showing were very high. As for me it showed that I averaged 275 watts in 50 minutes which is impossible for me. After the ride Zwift has told me that my FTP has increased to 276W which was 236W 10 days ago. I think there has been an update and the wattage seems crazy now. How should we ride? On resistance 5 or will there be a watt fix?


Have you received an answer? I have similar feelings like you with power vs resistance level 4.

Is level 5 is more accurate for real power for you?

It’s a pity that Zwift Team doesn’t respond to users, as they take money also for assistance.

Thank you in advance for your help


Somebody out there riding with Tacx blue motion and power meter? I had 210 tss in training peaks for a 01:10:00 ride… I halfed that amount manually… I would like to ride together with him/her, just to see the power numbers.

Obviously classic trainer is not best for zwift when you plan to compete with others. Suggsted by zwift level 4 is way to weak. I’m riding lvl5, little bit closer to reality but still little bit weak, but lvl 6 is too much strong - I have to stop pedalling after some min >350W, so unreal. So I use lvl5 only for single riding and trainings, not racing.