Increasing power output

(Paul Tippett) #1

I am new to Zwift and maybe this is a stupid question, if so please forgive me!

I run a Tacx blue motion(4) with Suunto ant+ and garmin cadence/speed sensor.  All works fine however I am trying to push beyond 350-375 watts on a ride.  

I am using the all the bike gears at level 4 on the blue motion and although I push 100-120 rpm i cannot get higher than 375 watts.  Is there any way I can increase resistance?  I have been assuming the (4) is the level 4 setting on the blue motion?  Should I increase this to say level 6?




(Robin Boardman) #2

I have the same turbo and same issue! Quite keen to hear back on this…

(Robin Boardman) #3

Or not?

(Lindsay Ruppert) #4

Thanks for reporting this issue! We are aware of the wattage cap on Tacx Blue motion and are working to fix this issue.

(Paul Tippett) #5

Thanks Lindsay any idea when a fix might be ready? 

(Peder Wiklund SZR (C)) #6

I have the same problem. Was riding today and my power was somewhere around 40w lower than I use to have at the same heart rate. I was almost starting to believe that I was sick. My pulse was sky high but my power under my ordinary treshold level! Also have tacx blue motion, adjusted to lev.4.

(Robin Boardman) #7

Hi Lindsay, any news on fixing the wattage cap?

(Richard McMullen) #8

I’m having the same issue on a basic Tacx Blue Twist turbo trainer, cant get above 400 watts.

(James Buchanan) #9

Just wondering if this issue is going to ever be fixed? 

I use a Tacx Blue Twist and have been limited to 375w the whole time I have been using it. 

Always getting dropped in sprints an up power climbs

(Vincent W.) #10

Hey James, this issue should be resolved as of the latest update at the very least. It’s fairly interesting that you’re still experiencing this. Can you send us a support ticket so we can delve into this a little deeper? Thank you for the heads up!

(James Buchanan) #11

Have submitted ticket.  Thanks.