Setting up old Tacx flow turbo

I have just started using Zwift. I have an old tacx flow turbo, so have bought a tacx cadence and speed Bluetooth sensor so I can send my data to my iPad.

My question is what resistance setting , in terms Watts, should I use. The tacx flow has two resistance variables - load , measured in Watts and Hill gradient measured from 0 to 9.


I don’t see it on the list of supported trainers, but you could use this link as a guide:

I would start with the other Tacx models first and see how it feels.

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Hi @Howard_Binysh

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The Tacx flow is not supported. But the power curve on level 3 look very similar to the Tacx Blue Motion that is supported.

see this video for setup

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Thanks, not sure I really understand. The tacx flow has a variable pre-load , which effectively adds resistance to the fly wheel making it harder to pedal. What I would like to get is a mapping for the load required to simulate the road gradients on the zwift courses.

Since it is not supported you will just set it to one resistance level and use it like a classic trainer.

Where are you seeing these power curves that you can compare?

The power curve is internal to the Zwift program. There are websites listing trainer power curves but Zwift did their own tests.

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It’s a shame they tested the Flow, but dont support it. I will stick with Blue Motion Level 3 settings until I can afford a power meter!

Cheers Jo