support multiple resistance levels

please support more than one resistance levels on tacx trainers. For example: I have a Tacx Booster with a maximum power of 1050W, but with only level 2 supported, the maximum power I can produce in Zwift is 400W. Not even half of the max. Please also support level 4, 6 and 8 for example?

Hi Harmen,

We’d love to! It’ll take time as each individual resistance level will need a specific virtual power curve tested and written for it. For each trainer that has multiple resistance levels.

Right now our resources are stretched pretty thin as we’re still a fairly small company and have no dedicated developer for classic trainer power curves but it’s something we’d all like to revisit.

great! I’d like to help if possible, I think many zwifters are willing to help too. Please, let us know… :slight_smile:

I am also willing to help in order my tacx trainer to be used in another level. It’s a pity to lose so many warts from the other unused levels.



are there any news concerning the wattage cut on classical trainers?


please make higher resistances available