Tacx adapter now working

Hi all

I just bought the tacx adapterset 135x10mm for my Tacx Flux S. I adapted and mounted everything as instructed in a youtube video by Shane Miller, but my chain is stuck. I can’t get my pedals moving. Anyone an idea?

Strongly suggest you visit: Get your bike fixed here

Further, ensure you’ve shifted into the smallest cog when you install/uninstall the bike from the trainer.

For starters: Can you turn the cassette in either direction with and without the bike on the trainer?

Omg, I just need the 142x12 mm adapter set…
The 135x10 is to small for my bike.

I’m sorry :wink:

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Hey, no worries Joren - we’ve probably all go similar stories - smart trainer instruction manuals often leave a lot to be desired about which accessories you need for a given bike.

I appreciate you came back to update us. Ride on!