Recommended Bike to Use Indoors With Flux S?

Hey everyone,

I’m very new to this and all of the bikes I used in the past were extremely old and from Canadian Tire (lol). Wondering if anyone has any recommendations around what bike (or type of bike) I should buy to use with my Tacx Flux S trainer. Not planning on using it outdoors at all.

There isn’t a bike shop in my city and there also aren’t many people who use bikes here so I haven’t seen many used bikes available for sale. Anything that could be ordered online would be preferable if possible.

Thanks and sorry for what is likely a very dumb question - really looking forward to trying out Zwift!

HI @James_M1

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If you are only going to use the bike on the trainer then you might be able to just upgrade the drivetrain of your current bike.

I have used a bike from the 80’s with downtube shifters for a few years on the trainer. Upgraded the drive train to 10 speed was cheap and made a big improvement. Even upgrading to 9speed shifter and drivetrain wont be that expensive and give you the best bang for your buck.

This all if you are comfortable working on bikes or know a good bike mechanic.


Thanks for the quick reply! I’m not super experienced with working on bikes but could probably make a project out of it lol. Is there any 10 speed drive train kit that you would recommend getting or would this work? (WGCFCFC A7 10 Speed Shifter + Rear Derailleurs + 42/46T Cassette / BCD104 Chainrings + Chain Groupset, M6000) - sorry - tried to include an Amazon link but not allowed.

Also, if I got a kit, I’m assuming I wouldn’t need another cassette for the trainer because I could just use the one from the kit?

Thanks for the help and sorry for all the questions!

Hi James.

It all depend on the type if bike you currently have. There is a bit of research involved, but you list look like you got most of it covered I am not sure about the specific parts.

If your trainer has a 10 speed cassette then the 10 speed group set will be compatible.

Bigger chainrings will be better for the future, that is if the bike can fit a 50 or 52 chainring.

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Perfect thanks! Would a 36T chain ring and 36T 10 speed cassette work? I know they will fit on my bike and trainer and if I need to upgrade to something bigger in the future I wouldn’t mind - just want something functional for now lol.

Thanks again for all the help!

A 36T chainring is small and a cassette with a 36T is big. I don’t think you need that ratio on Zwift. You can always use the trainer difficulty slider to adjust for big climbs but you can’t adjust for flat road if your gear range is to low.

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What would you say a good ratio would be to use for Zwift?

Thanks again for all the help :slight_smile:

Sorry - just looked into it more and would something like a 28T cassette with a 50/34 or a 52/36 chainring work? Will go home to check if the bike can fit it before buying anything of course. Just wondering if this combo would be OK.

Thanks again

Both those combos sounds good.

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Perfect - thanks for all the help!

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