Tac flux 2 smart erg power swing


i Just bought a new Tac Flux 2 Smart trainer. When using ERG mode the Power output swing a lot, for example at 240 W I cannot hold that output For too long but It bounce from +40/-40 Watts depending on the pressure on the pedals. This Is not how erg mode Is supposed tò work…It should control the cadence to.mantain the Power output. I did calibrare It lot of times. Before i had Kikr Core and this issue has never bene revealed. How Can i Fix this? I think the problem Is in Garmin Tac x software not Zfit (indoor trainer has been calibrate and setted and the Power output selecter Is a AVG 3 seconda not instant). I did consider every aspect but the Power output keep swingint, have you witnessed other cases like this? Please help me, thank you very much

You control the cadence. The trainer controls the resistance. ERG mode will work best when you maintain constant cadence and let the trainer respond. But a Kickr Core is a better trainer than a Flux 2 so I’m not surprised that it gave you a better ERG mode experience. If you need help with the trainer I suggest contacting Garmin support.

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Thank you Paul, i did open a ticket to Garmin, o see what they answer. Best regards

Power can fluctuate a fair bit in ERG mode depending on your pedalling action. If you press slightly harder at one moment, the trainer senses this so has to ease off resistance to stay at the power target. Then when you yourself ease off for a moment the reverse happens, and the trainer has to increase resistance to maintain the power target.

So the trainer can end up bouncing around a bit as your pedalling power fluctuates.

Try and find a cadence that will let you pedal more smoothly at the power level you’re trying to achieve and let the trainer catch up to you - don’t try and fight the trainer.

Thanks Steve,

fact is ERG mode should not allow this swing. Kikr Core for example do not swing PO in erg mode, and its main functionality is that i do not have to think about the cadence or the pressure on pedals. This is very annoying for me expecially for very long workouts that i’m used to…thank you for your answering

Wahoo has a power smoothing feature. I wonder if nothing has really changed other than what you’re seeing

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As Paul said, I think you’re being misled by your Wahoo trainer lying to you (i.e. by displaying the power target and not the power that you’re actually outputting).

Man this Is very isefull, now I inderstand why kikr had smooth Power otpur while Tac x does not. I inderstand that this do not change the quality of the workout its Just annoying

Thank you very much

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True…thank you guys