Tablet up grade

Hi There
I would like some advice in tablets. What is a good tablet to use with Zwift please? Taking in consideration future upgrades.



Do you have a budget in mind or any other requirements?

How are you gong to be connecting to Zwift?
Ant+ or BT?
How many devices? Trainer, HR, speed, cadence etc…

Hi Stuart
Thank you for your reply.
At the moment I am using a Dell laptop but it is really slow to start up and take for ages to connect to Zwift.
I am using Ant+ and I have a budget smart trainer. I am waiting to get the new hub from Zwift as well as my turbo trainer is also at the end of its life.

I would like to have heart monitor in the future as well.



Buy an SSD for your laptop, costs £15-20. If you’re wanting something better in terms of graphics etc then don’t bother with a tablet, it’s the same as you have now.

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If you connect your laptop to a tv via HDMI then moving to a tablet could create issues if your tv has no option to cast to it.
That’s just one of a few issues you might encounter along with the tablet having no ant+ support.

As Dave says for a small investment in an SSD you could revolutionise your laptop. That and a clean install of Windows will more than likely halve the loading time.


And the rest. :wink: More like a quarter, if not less.

You may have a bit of a wait for the Hub - advice from Zwift is currently “late winter”. I concur with the others recommending an SSD for your laptop. There are ANT+ dongles available for Android tablets, but not for Apple products (Bluetooth only). For an inexpensive HRM, the Coospo straps are popular (available on Amazon). Polar H10 is a good choice for a higher quality model.

An Apple iPad can be handy by being portable but no other benefit to it for Zwift.

However, having different platforms to run Zwift can be useful if one version has a bug.

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