Symbols next to name

There are symbols next to my after todays climb not sure what they mean one is #

It might be an idea to tell us where you’re seeing this. Just to narrow it down a little. Maybe supply a description, or even a screenshot.


Here is a screenshot. I couldn’t get the entire line, my max heart rate was red even though it was not the highest heart of the group I just signed up for Zwift power the other day. The other thing that is odd is Watopian in Review is now following me Any idea what this all means. And what does NP stand for Thx

Hi @Al_Cranmer, I’m betting the symbols next to you name are from the flag emojis you have in your Zwift screen name, nothing to worry about there.

The “watopian in review” person that is following you is someone who has been flagged and is being shadow banned.

The red numbers in your stats are your highest recorded efforts, as you do more races and events they will only show red once you hit your highest recorded number.

NP is normalized power.

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Hey thanks for all the help , I’ll play around with the emojis and see what happens.

Wait, aren’t the red numbers in race results the highest number in that category across all the people in that race? The 204w that the one rider hit doesn’t mean it was that rider’s personal best, just that it was the highest of everyone in that race. Right? Or does it do both in red? (Oops, just read the above move closely. Looks like it does do both. TIL.)

no I don’t think so, I believe it is only personal bests, there can be numerous red numbers in each column.

I just popped out to ZP and checked a few random races. There are times when multiple numbers in the same column are in red. But in the races I checked, the red numbers were either the highest in that column, or, when multiple red numbers appeared, the second also happened to be the lowest in that column. Not all columns had multiple in red, but ‘high and low’ was the case every time there were two. And every time there was only one, it was the highest per column.

EDIT: scratch that. Seems like Height, Weight, and Max HR always have both the high and low in red. I can’t find a race with another column that has two.

I have only seen multiple red numbers if it is the same value (with whatever precision is shown), plus some columns highlight both extremes.

Yep, that’s what I’m seeing. It looks like it’s the Highest/Column (multiples if there are ties), but both High and Low for Height, Weight, and Max HR. For some reason. (Maybe because it seems mean to highlight ‘Lowest Wattage’ :slight_smile: )

It’s personal bests that are highlighted on your own profile page though. (Who else could it be…)

Mine are so depressing, I’d pay to have someone else’s PB’s highlighed on my profile page.

red indicates its the highest value in that race/event

Or lowest, in three columns :slight_smile: