So what does this symbol mean?

I won the cat D Zwift race on Sunday, but then about 2 hours after, the results got changed and a person appeared in 1st place position on Zwift Power website, but with this symbol next to his name. (I’ve circled it in red) What does it mean?

Not sure what the symbol means but a quick look on the companion app leads me to believe that the Zwifter in question signed up for Zwiftpower after the race. That might be connected.

That would explain why they weren’t in the Zwiftpower results at first …

This is my theory:

Edit - changed my mind now, I like David’s answer. Others I have just looked up it is their first ZP race also.

If that is the case, it should not take effect until that person’s next race. In this instance, this looks unfair.

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what’s unfair? Won is won.

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Signing up AFTER the race 2hrs or 1min later should not get the podium,… this isn’t unemployment back pay. Their rankings should start on their next race and not be retroactive.


They did the race, right? I don’t get the objection. I’m delighted when people sign up for ZwiftPower at all, ever. Kudos to them for getting in it.


no one getting paid full stop. it’s not life or death. they weren’t racing and now they are, and that’s cool

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If that person has Zwiftpower, power is legit and they crossed the line ahead of the OP then they have won it.

Maybe what is necessary is that the Zwiftpower account becomes a kind of racing license, without which you cannot enter particular races? That would maybe avoid this scenario.


Thank you all for your replies and comments.

If this is, in fact the case, that someone signed up after the race, then I find it a little weird. It’s probably not against the rules or anything, but it has left me a little disappointed, and somewhat disillusioned with the whole Zwift racing experience.

I had that “WEEEEHEEE” moment of winning, only to be disappointed 2 hours later, and not know why.

The reason I got that “moment” was because I’m new to racing, and Cat D is my level, for better or for worse… I knew there were 3 riders in our lead pack who were zPower riders and would be disqualified if they over took me in the sprint. (We’d even let one other zPower rider go up the road and get a minute ahead, knowing he would be disqualified after the finish.)

P.s. I realise this was not world road championships, and I did not outsprint Mathieu van der Poel. And I did not loose any sleep over this experience. However, if rules and procedures are not adhered to, even in Cat D on an indoor-trainer, in the middle of January, then what’s the point? It’s definitely put me off racing as it all seems a bit ‘wild west’. I think I’d rather stick to my training program, and then do an FTP test or something slightly more rewarding.

… maybe I’ll race Paris-Roubaix next year and sign-up a couple of hours after I cross the finish line :crazy_face:

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It’s all about perspective. Most of us are dreaming about finishing as high as 2nd :slightly_smiling_face: I can understand the “ooft” feeling of the little gold trophy turning into a silver one, though :grimacing:

If you enjoyed the racing, that’s 90% of it. Where exactly you finish is the other 10%.

If you’re going to quit racing because you didn’t win BOTH of the only two races you did … that might look a little lame, I must say. :wink:

it’s a link to the that users activity, hover your mouse over the icon.
it’s not common, not sure why it turns up.

edit: congrats on the win !

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The race was “ok” I guess. It was actually a little boring in the middle, as it was just riding a long in the group, everyone just kinda waiting for the last 500m. But like I said, I didn’t loose sleep over the result. It was just a little bit of a weird experience.

It did make me wonder if racing on other platforms is more organised than this ‘wild-west’ ■■■■ show where people without HR monitors, and people with wildly inaccurate ‘wheel on’ trainers can enter the race and affect the racing… and then on top of that one can apparently sign-up retrospectively. Maybe I’ll look in to MyWhoosh or Rouvy. I don’t know anything about them as yet.

In the meantime, this experience has made me feel that I actually get more satisfaction out of a training session that is of good quality and excited with precision.

Yeah, that’s another thing about this weird symbol appearing with this new user 2 hours after the race…. It’s a hyperlink, but the link is broken. :thinking: #mysterious.

This is what I get when I click it, and it’s been like that for 3 days. :thinking:

I feel the other way around. If I finished a race in second place but the winner is not registered with ZwiftPower and on ZP I am honored with the golden cup, I feel like an imposter on ZP, because I know I actually did not win.


There was some discussion here: Green bar chart on the left of the category icon - #2 by Ian_Attoe

I believe the icon you refer to may be a legacy left over from the old ZwiftPower system before it was acquired by Zwift. It used to be a method by which you could open up a rider’s Zwift race/ride Activity and view their power, cadence & HR, as you see from the message with mouse hover. Clicking on the green bar chart now appears to take you to but doesn’t take you to the racers activity.
You don’t see many of these green bar charts. I believe now they signify that a racer’s LIVE information is missing or incorrect. On a first pass of the ZwiftPower results those racers with no or incorrect live data are missed from the results. However this data gets corrected when ZwiftPower fetches a .fit file (blue bolt) which can take some time depending on server load. I believe when ZwiftPower adds somebody to the final .fit file based results it adds this green bar chart to identify the race results change.
I believe this is why you originally thought you were 3rd in the race but eventually ended up 4th.

Having a cursory glance a couple of other rides I’ve been in recently, I can see this making more sense than the proposed “they’ve just signed up for ZP, after the event”, as there were a whole heap of riders with plenty of other rides in ZP also showing that bar chart icon.

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I remember the first time I got that feeling and wow, it was good. And like you, unfortunately I had something similar where I later got demoted on Zwiftpower and didn’t know why and it sucked a bit. What I had to remember is Zwiftpower only includes most racers - it doesn’t include all the “legit” racers.

The good news is the feeling of your first Zwiftpower win is NOTHING compared to the feeling when you actually cross the line first. You might have to do loads of races to find your ideal route and pack size, and to be lucky enough to find a pack where you can beat everyone, and you’ll need to figure out the tactics to out-ride them, but when it happens it’s FANTASTIC. And so long as you keep racing like you know it’s gonna happen, it will happen one day.

If you’re anything like me, when you finally get that “across the line” win you’ll scream like a Tour stage winner crossing the line, and then collapse on the floor. Like a Tour stage winner. :wink:

Zwiftpower isn’t mandatory for racing in Zwift. The OP didn’t cross the finish line first, therefore they didn’t win. This other user subsequently signing up to Zwiftpower hasn’t affected the result of the race whatsoever.


So you’re saying if you raced, won, then another rider didn’t pay their entry fee, but after the race paid it, bumped you to 2nd and them to 1st, you wouldn’t be mad,… I think the OP/actual winner got the shaft from ZP, and everyone is blind to this

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Yes I am blind to that. Your analogy makes zero sense to me. Everybody pays the same fee whether they’re on ZwiftPower or not. I want everyone to sign up for ZwiftPower (frankly Zwift should just create a ZwiftPower account automatically for everyone who races). If that means the results get reordered occasionally, that’s fine with me. To me the sensation of winning only comes when I cross the line first. Tiny virtual trophies are pleasant enough but that’s not really winning IMO.