Results misunderstanding

What does W/KG mean in the left-hand column of the results?

In this table?

It is average w/kg for the ride.

Yes, but on the far left

wkg means you were over power for the category you entered.

You did 3.407 (at 95%) when the limit for cat c is 3.2

You are also a cat B on zwiftpower so even if you were within power for that race you would of likely got a UPG DQ for entering a lower cat.

Stick to the B races and you should be fine.

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Hmm… there’s maybe a setup thing gone wrong?
This is what I see for profile and the race description:

ZP profile

Oh yeah that is is setup wrong in zp then i didn’t realise they were using custom cats.

They might sort it themselves otherwise i’d try reach out to contact the organiser

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I normally enter Cat B but I entered Cat C because of this. I still got dropped though!