What does this symbol mean?

Riding today, I noticed symbol I have never seen before … I googled a little bit, but no explanation. Can anybody help me? I’m very sorry for poor quality(TV captured with phone camera) but hope you will be able to recognize it … it looks like road with white serpent (or curved strip) on it …

The fastest rider’s up Watopia’s volcano climb get a special jersey and the symbol next to there name.

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Oh … my next goal! :-)) Of course, I’m just kidding :slight_smile:

Thank you for explanation :+1:

Let me use this thread and ask you for another explanation (appreciate it in advance) …

  1. I know there are some Pros on Zwift sometimes and they are marked by PRO jersey. But I noticed some have orange ones and some green ones. Even jersey has little bit different shape …

Is there any difference/ reason?

  1. And what’s about those orange symbols (black outlined orange circle with white “check” in it) just below those Pros ?

Thank You …

I believe (I might have to search) but I think the orange jerseys are for pro cyclist and the green ones are for pro triathletes (Verified the Orange is Pro cyclist and Green is Pro Triathlete).

The Orange check (from Zwift’s Facebook post): That’s our new “Verified” badge. We give it to Zwifters who are well known for stuff other than riding a bike for a living. They may be a musician, a TV presenter, a professional sportsperson or a celebrity chef - they may be local hero or known worldwide. And if they are a big deal, then we feel it’s best to “Verify” them (like we would do Pro riders) to keep the jokers at bay.

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Paul … :+1: again!

I used the world swap hack to ride the jungle loop on a non-Watopia day, and I got a similar symbol which looks a bit like an Inca Pyramid and a cool jersey! The fact there are fewer riders means you’ve got a chance of getting one. I’m a Cat C rider.


Is there somewhere online that has all the various symbols explained?

Also, along the bottom of zwift, I think is the effort bar, but what do the different colours mean?

You can find that info on: http://Zwiftinsider.com

Thank you Paul - I had the same question! I feel bad I never recognize any of the names of the “Verified” folks…

Is there a symbol for an “old” hack that used to be a pro? Maybe a tombstone with “retired” written on it? :joy:


Put in an official request and I’m sure Zwift would at least consider the option. I know there are more than a few retired pro cyclist and triathletes currently using Zwift.