Verified Pro riders?

(Allan Watkins) #1

I saw a rider today with the last name “Zwift” I doubt that’s their real name, but it got me thinking, you guys can’t regex out every jens voigt, jen vo1gt etc… So why not do a strava like thing where you “verify” that someone is a pro or not with a simple checkbox on sign up “are you a pro rider?” and then check their credentials in some way? It would be cool to know I’m riding with the real jens voigt etc…

Something similar to the way Eric/Jon/Mike and the rest of the crowd are verified by the “z” tag next to his name.

(Scott) #2

Pro’s we’ve verified have a pro-badge next to their name just like we have a “Z” next to ours.

(Allan Watkins) #3

Oh nice! Guess I haven’t seen any of those peeps on lately lol.

(Greg Gibson-Haymarket) #4

Yes, I’ve seen that with Ted King before…It’s tiny PRO badge shaped like a jersey.

(Peter Lin) #5

I saw one of those badges today next to J.Brajkovic. Not sure if that was really Janez, but he was putting out way more power than I’d ever produce

(Trevor Crystal(ECC)) #6

What about a “+” beside the rider’s name?  What does that mean?