Key to symbols and icons

Is there a key anywhere to show what all the symbols and icons mean within the game?


Is there a new symbol? I noticed on the new road yesterday that quite a few riders had a green square icon to the left of their name on the riders nearby list which I don’t think I’ve seen before.

Purple or green markers identify riders signed up for Zwift Academy.


Newbie here. I’ve been on Zwift for several weeks. Today for some reason I have the green square (with a lighter colored triangle inside) showing next to my name. Is the same one being discussed above. Don’t think I’m signed up for Zwift academy. I may be seeing things but other folks had it too and don’t recall seeing them before.

Looks like you’re signed up for Zwift Tri Academy.

How the heck did that happen. How do I undo that. :thinking:

Yeah neither of those sources cover all of the icons I see in zwift now.

Which one/s do you have a question about?

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Ok, I’ll ask one. In the data screen in the middle, there is my ride level on the right (15) in orange, and a number on the right that I can’t figure out. It continually counts up and is now around 1,500,000. There is a symbol, maybe a raindrop, but too small to understand.

I searched and notice that most screen shots don’t show this.

What is that?

Those are Drops that can be used to by virtual equipment, here is a helpful like for you:

Thanks Paul! The Drop Shop, that’s new this season, right? Might be time to cash some of those in.

I believe it was released in February.

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And the drop symbol changes if you’re climbing or have just got a ride-on (the rate of increase is higher at those times). But it’s very hard to tell the symbol has changed on small screens.

What about the little black symbol with an orange line running vertically down it? It looks almost like a volcano. What does that symbol next to a riders name mean?


Fastest lap of the Volcano circuit.

The jersey icons to the left of rider names are fastest laps, sprints or KoMs.


Hi folks - does anyone know what this symbol is? It’s been bugging me for a while, nothing in the guides above. My best guess is either a Vegan or a Mazda driver…

It means the user has the Sterzo steering accessory connected.

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Thanks! Another mystery solved.