"new" triangle icons (black / orange) with lighting bolt

Apologies in advance if this is covered somewhere else…

Riding today I saw something that seems to be new, and I can’t google my way towards an explanation of what it is…

In-game… when you look at the rider’s list… within the rectangular area for the rider’s name, the spot on the left where you see the cell phone icon which shows that they have the mobile app open… there’s now a triangle icon for some riders… which has a bit of a lighting bolt inside it.

For some riders it was black… for some it was orange (? I’m a bit colour blind!).

The same icon appears when you click on a person’s name to see their profile page… and on the profile page, the icon is embedded on the bottom left of their photo.

What is this icon? What does it signify? What do the colours mean?

At times it seemed like 50% of the riders around me had that icon, and at times far fewer.

Any thoughts would be welcome!



Actually - upon looking again - it’s not a lightning bolt inside the triangle… it’s just an arrow pointing to the upper right.

Still don’t know what this means though!


I’d be interested in the answer to this also, Just noticed I have a Green triangle in my profile picture but some have Red ones? Can’t find any information about it but it has only appeared since the last software update.

I Think what you are seeing is the ZA Noob Tag.

That would make sense especially as the ZA has just kicked off.

Thanks for the info.

ZA = Zwift Academy?

Gotcha… so… I think it’s black (or purple - again, colour blind here) for women, and green/orange for men?


All riders that entered the Zwift Academy have that Icon next to their name. 

Pink/purple for Women and Green for men.



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Gerrie’s got it right! We’ll need to add that to a document definitely. :) 

Thanks for the explanation!