List of symbols and their meaning?

I am new here, I have only done about 10 rides so far. There are a lot of symbols that appear on the screen and little +35 (or something) that appear at the end of what seem to be segments. I can’t find any legend explaining what they all mean. Can someone direct me to a page that explains what I am seeing on the screen. Things having to do with other riders are obvious, but the truck, feather, etc., leave me blank.

The 35 or 20 is xp points.

This is old but good start.

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Thank you very much! I will download it immediately. That is exactly what I was looking for Gerrie. Super!

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Check out the guides on

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Thank you Mike, I have bookmarked that page and will go through it. Much appreciated.

Useful reference. Zwift should consider perhaps adding user-guide references/links to one of the stickie posts on the forums front page (maybe the Troubleshooting post but edit the title so it’s inclusive of how to navigate Zwift).

check out Lama and CGN on Youtube will give you the full works on the symbols and rides and races

Hi Eugene, did you do the tutorial ride as your first ride when you first started Zwift, or did you skip it?

The tutorial ride guides you through most of the key points (like the XP points for every kilometre) and external guides like ZwiftInsider and GP Lama are good for explaining many of the others.

No, Paul, I didn’t. I didn’t realize that there was a Tutorial. I may just check that out. Thank you for the suggestions.

No problem. If you can still do the tutorial ride, I definitely recommend it. I think it’s a brilliant introduction to Zwift; it introduces all the parts of the screen and what they mean.