Is there an FAQ or something on Zwift basic features?

(Grant Woolf-BatCity) #1

I’m new to Zwift in the last week and I’m wondering what some of the features are. I’ve read these message boards a bit and picked up a few things, but I’m wondering what I’m missing. What does a truck icon mean over a rider? I read something about powerups, but I don’t know how to get them. Is there a Zwift “manual” somewhere or do you just play around until you figure stuff out?

(Brian Hill) #2

These boards serve as the manual for now. The truck is a Drafting bonus, so you get a more powerful draft off the rider in front of you while it’s active. You get a new power up every time you pass under one of the 3 banners on the course. You can activate the powerup by hitting the space bar - or one of the buttons in the cell phone app.

(Brian Cheung) #3

Clarification on the powerups: you only get a new one if your slot is empty (or the powerup is “active”). If you’ve got a powerup unused and in the slot, you won’t get another one on top of that.

(Andrew Williams) #4

This came out of the FB group

(Brian Cheung) #5

A few of us are working on this: which is a little more comprehensive than the other user manual (which looks a lot better!)

(James Gill | TitaniumGeek) #6

Hi all, I’ve just updated the fan manual over at TitaniumGeek - mainly reflecting the changes that have come about now that we can chose the direction of travel, and the new settings menu

As ever comments/corrections are welcomed