Symbols and icons

Is there any information about the meaning of all signs, symbols, icons, … you can see on the screen?

Here you go

I knew the ones explained in the link. But the function of the power-ups, the small coloured dots in bottom of the sprint section boxes, the symbols under the map, … Has Zwift a complete user manual? Some power-ups are explaining themselves (the aero-boost and featherlight), but what effect has the lorry? Is it best to use it drafting og riding in front? I cannot see/feel any difference.

Thats the draft van, best to use when behind someone as it increases your draft percentage. If used while in the front it does nothing. You won’t feel any change, you will just be able to back off the power a little to recover and not lose position.

unfortunately no… they really don’t.

3rd party resources are highly utilized to learn your way around Zwift. The best source for how to’s, route descriptions, fastest bikes, etc… are on

here is a guide to power ups:

Thanks a lot. I have been zwifting nearly every day the last 2 vinter seasons and still a lot of things I haven t found out. Maybe most of the things I haven`t understood are less important.

those are all the other segments in the world that you are riding, green are sprints (there are usually numerous sprints per world) red are KQOM’s, some of them are even for the full route such as Hilly Loop in Watopia. You can click through to see the other segment leaderboards I believe by clicking on the dots.