Standings numbers / meaning

So it seems like some kind of standings screen comes up throughout a lap. I know it happens at the end of a lap as well as the end of the climb (and maybe one other). Does anyone know what the numbers mean? Both the number associated with your own name as well as the “big” number to the left of the name list.

Those are the results of the sprint/kom segments. When you pass under one of the banners that’s the end of a sprint segment.

There are 3 sprint/kom segments.

The orange jersey sprint starts right about where you enter the game. The time sprint starts at the 300m sign you see there.The green jersey sprint is the next one and starts roughy at the 200m sign there before the second banner.
The KOM/Polka Dod jersey sprint is roughy 500m or it starts a bit before you see the 300m sign before the banner just past the crest of the hill.

The big number is your time on that segment. The number next to your name is your placement overall.

When I rode, the results list was just random computer names. I wonder if Zwift plans on creating an all-time record listing for each segment. This all-time list wouldn’t have to affect the jersey competition for that ride, but it would be interesting to see where you fell compared to all times of the past.

Being that they say it will integrate with Strava, Im sure there will be leader lists