Unlogical "Time" result after (Sprint series) Race

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Can’t seem to figure out how the column time seems to present it’s figures. My assumed logic does apply for no’s 1&2, hence winner’s sprint race time is the reference (1:02:12, therefore number 2 is 12 seconds slower), but doesn’s seem to apply for driver number 3 and beyond. What is the logic here?

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Hi @Roelof_Zwaan4904

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The event is about points for sprinting, not for total riding time the description state "There are no points for the finish and you can ride as quickly or slowly as you like between the Sprints. "

So you see the total ride time in Zwift power, but it is sorted by sprint points.

It look like 1&2 was smart and recovered between sprints.

Hi Gerrie,

Thanks for the (quick!) reply. In hindsight I would indeed have a different strategy with proper recovery time in between, it seems to pay off to read all available information in advance :wink:

Still there is no logic for the value shown at the column “time” for driver 3 compared to driver 1 or 2 (allthough there is a clear correlation with the same result of driver 4).

I understand it seems of little to no significance for the order of the outcome (since it was solely based on sprint points), but since it was chosen to show these values i was still curious how these values come together?

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Those are just total ride time. So it is stored by points and the ride time is always shown so it in not in a specific order because it has ben sorted by the points.

Click on time than the time will be in order but the prime points will be out of order.

Hi Gerrie,

Thanks again for the explanation.
That was clear to me, however it does not explain (refering to your pic) the fact that Mark Page shows -/- 31s while Alexandre Doyon shows -/- 57s (comparing ride time = 35:40 vs 48:14). I would expect a difference of 12:34 (35:40 vs 48:14) instead of 26s (-/- 31s vs -/- 57s).

Or am i missing the point?

I don’t know how the delta time (yellow column) is calculated.

This is a special event and it is setup very custom so things like time may not make sense because it is not like a normal race. You should not focus on the time, you should calculate the time for every sprint.

Why is the time so important?

Hi Gerrie, thanks for all the feedback! Time (total time & difference) is not so important in this case, I just wanted to comprehend the race results to the fullest and it was bothering me i couldn’t figure out the logic (which doesn’t seem to be there).