Rider using longer time than me is placed before me in the end results. Why?

This is regarding the event with zid=1523049 (January 20th. 2021, 19:30 CET, titled “NCF Vintercup 2021 - Runde 2 - Herrer”), but I know I’ve seen it in other racing events also.

The zwiftpower results positions me (category B) on the 30th place with a time of 1:07:51. Two riders in the same category with longer time used than me are placed on better positions than me in the end results table. One rider with a time of 1:13:14 - over 5 minutes longer than me - is placed on the 27th place - 3 positions before me. The other rider is placed on the 23rd position with a time of 1:08:14 - using 25 seconds more than me on the race.

In this event I have counted 4 of these cases in category A, 12 in B, 7 in C and 2 in D.

Why does this happen? Are the end times wrong or are riders placed incorrectly in the end results?

It’s a points race that final position is determined from your race place plus primes segments. See the comments section on zwiftpower of the event for further details of the point structure.

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Aahh, that explains it. I thought the points were given to those that first passed the sprint arch and climb arch, but its whoever was the fastest between the start and end of the segment! Now I get it. :slightly_smiling_face: