display requests

It’d be nice if the timer included seconds even for rides over an hour

It be nice if there was additional information displayed like Avg watts, lap watts, lap timer (maybe having the lap start at either the edge of the screen or when you go through the start banner.

Lastly what do all the numbers mean when you go under the Sprint/KOM/Start banners? It’s ranking you to other riders but what do the numbers mean?

yeah good question. I’m pretty sure it is the elapsed time from some mysterious point to the banner. I tried to figure out the point. It KINDA seems like it is the last 300m for the KOM and the last 200m for the sprints, but that doesn’t really seem right. As a note of feedback, I think it would be good if there were START markers for any timed segments (and optionally a message popup or countdown).

In a previous thread one of the Zwift support staffers said that the green jersey sprint starts at the 200m sign. Orange jersey sprint at 300m sign and the KOM sprint at roughly 500m - there is no 500m sign so you sort of have to gauge it from when you see the 300m sign.

I think it would be best if those markers were actually painted on the road, rather than on signs.

The numbers that show up is your time and placement. The big number on the left is your time on that particular segment. On the fight is your placement along with your best time during this ride. Your placement is based on your overall fastest time in your current session.

Lap watts, lap cadence, lap HR, etc… are all must haves before introducing structured workouts, otherwise what’s the point? I’m still using my garmin while zwifting and relying on it to provide me the data that I need, so I’m not really spending as much time as I could be checking out zwift.

Exactly. I have been using my edge 810 reading from my SRM for averages but often forget to press the lap button.

Further, it’d be nice if there were segment numbers (in addition to lap numbers) for power/time/hr that start counting at the beginning of the KOM and sprint segments.

I would say that adding all those extra Avg watts per lap and any other data boxes would be too much but rather have it as a option the user can check box to run all data on his or her screen if they wanted.