Swift changes course automatically.

I selected the Volcano Flat Route.  However, when i started the game it automatically put me on the Hilly route.  Is there a default or something that is forcing me to ride a different route the  requested?

I am guessing you were on the Volcano Flat Route, but on the top of the screen it was giving you your time for the Hilly Route. It does this because you are on the same road as the Hill route and it has a jersey, but it can be confusing (The first time I did it I thought the same thing).

If you would have continued on you would have done the Volcano Flat.

That makes some sense.  However, my screen turned my rider onto the Hilly route automatically while the Volcano route went forward. I didnt select anything that would tell the system to turn onto the Hilly route.  I was sitting in the saddle the entire time.

Is this the route it was taking you: http://zwiftblog.com/volcano-flat/


Nope.  Took me up the Hilly Route.  I did the route today again today.  As i approached the intersection, the default was set to Hilly Route.  I had to hit the arrow key to go on the correct Volcano route.  I thought that since I selected Volcano Route, I would not have to select anything and that it would just take me there…that is not the case apparently.