"surprise me" not working properly


 For several weeks now I have been trying to use the “surprise me” option in the Zwift course selection; however, this option only yields “Hilly Loop” (Watopia) or “London Loop” (London). There are certainly no surprises at all. Is this a bug?

I am using a Mac (High Sierra).


Thanks for any response on this.




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I noticed that as well on a PC yesterday. Chose “Surprise Me” and the only surprise was that I ended up doing the Hilly Loop five times straight! Think we may need to log a support ticket to get it fixed.

Thanks for commenting on this. I will submit a “support ticket” then. 

Been having the same issue for the last month plus.  Have either of you heard anything on a fix?

No, nothing yet. I submitted a ticket but no response. They should at least deactivate that option. Somewhat annoying since we pay for the service.

Yeah.  Its been over a month that it hasn’t been working.  Maybe 2.  Really frustrating because Im a rider that comes to just get miles in and not any of the structured rides and Im sick and tired of either doing the same loops on all 3 courses over and over or having to change the arrows, which then just try and get you back to the original loop again.  I submitted a  ticket as well.  Hopefully they will respond and fix ASAP.