Do "Group Riders Nearby" or "Surprise Me" actually work?

For something different on Zwift, a couple of weeks ago I tried doing a “Group Riders Nearby” ride in Watopia. It’s supposed to keep you with other riders.

Yesterday, I tried doing a “Surprise Me” ride in Watopia. It’s supposed to give you a random route.

Neither seemed to work; over two half-hour rides, both options sent me on 2 laps of the Hilly Route.

Do these work for anyone else?

I’m using a PC with Windows 10.

Same here with same set-up. I can’t remember the route/world details, but I do recall that the experience was NOT what I was expecting. It may have been France, but I recall being plopped down on a road with NO riders on my way to Ventoux! I’ll try it again, if I have a better method of informing my expectations or requirements. But so far - these methods have not worked for me.


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Thanks @Jim_Mattson, I did see your post - and a couple of others which suggest this function might not have worked for some time. It made me wonder if these options are so rarely chosen that no-one at Zwift has ever paid them any attention.

I opened this as a new thread to see if anyone can actually make it work - on any platform.

If not even a Zwift employee or ambassador can get it to work, then it raises the question of whether these things should be fixed or just removed from the list. Either way, it doesn’t do Zwift any good to have broken options on a menu.

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Can confirm. I don’t think surprise me has EVER worked. It doesn’t work for me. There is a thread on this forum from 4+ years ago discussing how it doesn’t work.

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Every time something does work in Zwift, it surprises me!


I’ve tried both functions (Group Riders Nearby" and “Surprise Me”) and they both failed. Never returned for that reason. I recall on the Group Riders Nearby option, specifically, I was dropped into France in an area with NO riders nearby to speak of. It turned out to be the route up the Ventoux. Worse still, it dropped me about a 100m past the start of the official segment. After summitting, and descending, I later realized that I didn’t even get (Strava) segment credit for the climb! LOL. I think the reason these options “are so rarely chosen” is precisely because they DO NOT FUNCTION. If they functioned appropriately, more people would use them, and there would be some “buzz” about the features in other media.

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Thanks everyone for the feedback on this - it sounds like these functions are broken and while they may not be that popular, a short-term solution for Zwift could be to simply remove them, to avoid disappointment for anyone new who tries them.

Long-term though, if it was fixed, I think “Surprise me” could be a great default option to help spread people out at times when Zwift is busy - encouraging people to ride different routes.

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Surprise Me seems to only exclusively pick Hilly Loop on Watopia map.

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