Surprise Event?!

Well, that was a new one for me!

Activity link: The at Home Cycling & Running Virtual Training App

I was doing a Cat-D (Diesel) Pace Partner ride in Watopia and was prompted with a “Join Event?” pop-up. I didn’t recall signing up for any events today so I dismissed it and went looking for it on the Companion App while I kept riding.


Pop-up on Companion to join event… dismiss. :thinking:

OK - what the heck - I’ll bite. Click the “Join Event” button on the lower left of the screen…

“Heading to Makuri Islands - SZR Surprise Ride with Christine Cleary.”

Umm wut?

Dropped into pack…and oh boy are these strong riders…and it’s a well run event. I kept up for a few kilometers but couldn’t quite hang on today. (recovery day) The ride description looks to be up my alley though: I can probably hold 2W/kg but would struggle with the C.Cadence Pace Bot at 2.5W/kg…so this type of ride would help build me up.

I stayed to ride the duration, took a few screen caps.

Soooo are surprise events new to Zwift or is this another “I was today years old when I learned…” moment for me? :laughing:

One quirk: I’d already done about 5km of riding with the Pace Partner in Watopia before joining the event - this doesn’t appear to be logged anywhere.

Weird, I haven’t ever seen that before. Don’t they have the SZR rides that aren’t “surprise” rides? Maybe that is new. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Zwift is weird so what else do we except? :joy:

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Indeed! I searched for all events (ZwiftHacks, through the Companion app, on the web)… no mention of the surprise rides but tonnes of other scheduled SZR events!

There’s certainly something odd happening if the distance you’d done with the Pace Partner wasn’t saved and logged at all.

But regarding the main issue, is there even a faint possibility that you inadvertently clicked on the SZR Surprise Ride on the ATV home screen (over to the right, in the list of upcoming rides) while setting up your Pace Partner ride?
Previously, using the Apple Remote, there were times I found items highlighted on the screen that I didn’t intend to highlight but must have done, then having to do lots of swiping and clicking to get back to the area on the home screen that I had wanted to be on. I’m not saying that that is what must have happened, but it’s a logical explanation.

As for SZR rides, I can certainly vouch for them being super well-organised and disciplined, run by fiercely dedicated but friendly riders. After last year’s ToW, my first foray into regular group rides were with the Monday ‘SZR Evening Joyride’ crew, which was a D-only ride at the time, at 2.3W/kg average. Those certainly dragged my abilities up while teaching me how to ride in a group better and draft properly.
Maybe falling into one of the SZR Surprise Ride groups was fate nudging you in an interesting direction? SZR now have a huge number of events across the week, so there will definitely be more that might suit you.


Oddly, the Pace Partner ride showed up saved, today!

As for accidentally clicking… that’d be a first for me, especially with the new ATV Siri Remote “Gen2” that has physical buttons - it’s much easier to navigate Zwift without mis-clicks. I suppose it’s technically possible…?

Next week’s Surprise ride shows up now: SZR Surprise Ride - The at Home Cycling & Running Virtual Training App

100%. I’m totally going to try one again with fresh legs, and joining early to see if I can keep up with the pack.

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I guess your special!!! :smile: