Support ticket response time period

How long does Zwift support email back with a real human? Currently on day 5 waiting for a non-chatbot response to an account merge question.

Hi @anon42131748, welcome to the forums!

Usually they are pretty quick, however, with the gigantic increase in new users and working remotely due to COVID-19 the responses are taking much longer. Please have patience as they work to get through all the support tickets.

What exactly is your question, maybe the forum users can help? Do you have two accounts that you are trying to merge together?


I have 2 accounts…an OLDDDDD one where I alpha/beta tested Zwift way back, and then a current one. I attached a credit card to my new account, however I would like to switch to paying on my old account so 1) I can be at the higher level I obtains years ago and 2) be able to beta test the new items coming out like teams.

That can either take place by ending my 1 month of payment …waiting until April 31 for it to expire…or could switch the credit card to the old account so I can continue to accumulate points on it through the month of April.

From your end, I could just see you changing the credit card from one username to another. I’m not asking to “merge” accounts…just switch the payment.

Unfortunately you will need to wait for Zwift support to handle this one, and please note they are severely backlogged right now so it might take some time.


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Coolio. Thanks the update.