Merging Accounts

I recently setup an account to help get through everything right now. My wife reminded me that I had setup an account back when Zwift was first coming out (she remembers because I gave her a whole sales pitch on why my trainer at the time was no good and I needed a new one) with an old email account. I went and checked to see if it was still active, and it was. Is there a way to merge that account with my new account?

Hi @DEndurance, sweet name by the way… You will need to contact Zwift support for this I’m afraid.

Thanks! It is my life motto. I have tried that but haven’t received a response. It is the third day since I sent an email, so I figured I would see if anyone on here knew if it was possible.

Unfortunately support is very backlogged right now due to the increase in demand, lock downs, working from home, homeschooling kids, etc… I’ve been hearing that it is taking a few weeks to get a response at this point. The good news is you can still Zwift in the meantime and hopefully they can merge everything and give you credit for all the XP and drops you are accruing now.

You might even be able to get into the beta group testing out Clubs if you were an early adopter back when Zwift was in beta.


How do I do that?!

How do you get into the beta Club feature? You need to have been an early beta user back in 2015 I believe. Here is all the info about it.

I was a beta test back before Zwift charged anything; early 2015 I think. I stopped using it when I had to pay because I am cheap.

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Let’s see if @Wes can get you an invite, but he might need to wait until your account is merged?

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