Support for Tranz-x JD-11x trainers

Hello, I have a Tranz-x Jd-113 dumb trainer and it is not listed as supported. I have a speed/cadence sensor by Tacx and I am pairing with Tacx Blue Motion, and when riding I notice that my power is considerable high. When riding with 1% positive incline the speed matches my Garmin.
So , two questions here:

  1. will Tranz-x Jd-113 ever be supported ?
  2. is there a “calibration” for a non-listed dumb trainer? We could set “incline =1” to match the power curve/speed for dumb trainers.

I also use the TranzX JD-113 trainer and very much interested if this trainer will ever be supported? Or does anyone which other trainer with similar power curve I could choose? Thanks for helping.