Classic Trainer - Zpower

I have a trainer tranz x-jd-111, which is not compatible with ZPower.
This equipment would be similar to some of the classic trainers?
I can select any compatible “classic trainer” for a more real information power?
I would use the game with a more reliable power curve …
Thank you!

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Hi, Alex.

It looks like the Tranzx JD-111 is a classic trainer, which would need to be paired with a speed sensor. We do not recommend selecting alternate trainers when pairing, as the VPC can vary widely between brands and models. If you select a trainer that is different than the one you own, you will see wildly inaccurate data in Zwift. I’ve added the JD-111 to our list of trainers to be supported. In the meantime, you can select ‘Not Listed’ from the ‘Other’ catagory at the bottom of the trainer select menu, or consider upgrading your equipment. :slight_smile:

Ride on!

When will the Tranzx JD-111be supported with Zwift?

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Up please ?!

Good evening,

Is there an expected time frame to when the TranzX JD-111 may be supported, or is not to be?

I have already played around in “Not Listed” coupled with a speed/cadence sensor, but it would be to nice to know as I weigh up gear options.

Any feedback would be greatly appreciated.

Up. It will ever be suported?

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