New trainer (not a smart one)

Hi all
When I first installed zwift I had a wheel on trainer that was not listed in zwift. I now have a wheel on trainer that is listed in zwift. I can’t find where I can change my trainer in order to have a more accurate estimate of my power. Please help!

Hi @Harry_Lykidis

Go to the paring screen and unpair the speed sensor. When you click search you Will get the option to select your trainer.


Thank you very much for your quick response. This worked fine. It’s a shame that this info is not listed anywhere in the support page nor the FAQ page. It was very frustrating that I couldn’t find a solution on this on my own…

After I set my new trainer, I see that at power estimation mode there are two options. The one says classic and the other one is grayed and says zPower. Why is this greyed?

What kind of trainer did you get? zPower refers to a classic wheel on “dumb” trainer’s power curve that Zwift uses to estimate your power/watts.

It is on the Zwift support page. Not a easy find i know.

Hi Mike are you riding and typing? LOL

I think zpower is a classic trainer that send power data and a classic trainer use a speed sensor and zwift convert that to power.

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Unfortunately I see that not all dumb trainers have the option of zpower but only a few…
On the support page for zpower ( ) it is nowhere to be found that only a few trainers support it…
Pretty confusing “support” pages…
Anyway, thank for all your answers. Hope smart trainers become “in stock” soon :slight_smile:


Yes this is a hard time to look for a trainer.

Enjoy zwift.