supplying a module where i can get the live gradient-slope

Well, i would like to built an opensource tool which connects a bluetooth or usb hardware device for lifting the forkk according to the incline. how do i get livedata of the incline and speed, that is all i need :slight_smile:


To prototype you could read the log.txt file Zwift outputs in realtime while riding. We print % grade in there when it changes.

I don’t have a copy of the ANT+ FE-C spec handy, but I’m wondering if a more generalized solution here would be to read the gradient from the trainer rather than the software.

This would avoid all of the hassle around supporting PC/Mac/iOS/Android and the various other, lesser, training software programs. :wink:

Hi, well i suppose it woud be the easiest to use ANT+, but i am no computer nerd. i just need the gradient, my mechanic is already planned…pretty simple but manually working…i just need somebody to help me with ant+ or implementing the log.txt

@Jon …could you help me with more informations, please, where can i find the log files with live data on the harddisk (filesystem)


@armin - Zwift documents are in the My Documents\Zwift folder, and within that, the log files are in the Logs folder.


well, i havce found the folder, opened it, but cannot find any relating data?

if have started the ride, but cannot find any information, how do you call the datasegment…?

Well, after checking ALL my log files manually i did not find even one statement with grade or %, what a waste of time…

Is this marked as a ant signal? i can see fps, powerdata, but did not find even one grade entry?

This does not get me anywhere, aren´t you guys interested in this project`


Hi Armin,

I have also checked my log files, and I agree I could not find the gradient. But what I was able to find was the current elevation. The FPS line has X,Y and Elevation.

You should also chat with the guys in the Zwift coder FB group.

Maybe start a GitHub project where all of us can work together.

Hi Gerrie,

thanks for your help, i do see the fps line, how do i work with the elevation…


I have opened a github, but do not have any clue :slight_smile: