Read speed data from zwift

Does anyone know if there is an API/plug in that I can use to read the speed data out (say through a python script or something) that I can use to log speed and power data and export then for my own data manipulation?  This is the first im looking around for and was initially going to write a ANT+ handler in python to read this data but Zwift owns that connection and I am not sure I will be able to access the data through external channels since that connection is already open.  Any ideas?

Do you need the data live? If not you could download the .fit file after the ride?

I’d prefer live data so I could do real time manipulation and such and potentially even recommend training zones and speed based on the type of workout I plan.

Why just why would someone do this?  Is there a real reason to do this?

Hi Shane, as the author of the comment I can tell you exactly why.  Because knowing the power curve of the trainer you can develop training plans that are based on power ranges.  Using that you can write a data handler to tell you speed up or slow down based on what the plan you are trying to do says.  If for example I decided I wanted to do a high power interval run I could monitor my speed data and have a window show whether my speed was within range or too slow or fast.

I’d also like to note that this was before I decided to stop using zwift as well as them releasing training plans, which I have not looked into yet.

That is “why just why” someone may to do…to train more intelligently.

sorry this was mean for a different thread sorry to waste you time.  I had a couple open at the same time.  I was referring to why someone would take the time to manipulate ANT+ (spoof) data so they can get a KOM or something else.  Not meant for this thread.