Open API for DIY projects

Is there any way to get out real time data? Like the % in the slope widget.

Would be nice for making DIY projects to interface to other trainers.

I’ve been hankering for this for many months, and have asked several times. I have no-doubt they’ll release an API when they’re ready, and we can start building on top of their existing world.

For now, you’ll have to parse the client logs and/or use the Strava APIto extract information from riders who have ridden the Zwift segments you’re interested in.

I just need speed information in realtime, and I think I will try to use network monitor to see how mobile phone app gets the info from the PC that zwift is running on.  If they are in plaintext, I will be able to get what I need, I guess.

is there any progress regarding the api, i need the live gradient data…


There are several API endpoints (Events, Profiles, Status, etc.), depending on what data you want, and whether you want the ‘public’ API (unauthenticated) or the authorized API which requires requesting a token and passing that back in your request headers.

There is also community work being put into place to build third-party, ‘bridge’ APIs that talk to the Zwift API and do some of the heavy lifting.

I never use third-party APIs as a general rule, but you’re free to play with anything that helps you achieve your goal. YMMV, of course.

Start here, and poke around. If that isn’t getting you what you need, you may need to start using the source API and wrap your code around that (that’s what I do).

Good luck!