Developer API?

Is there any (OpenSource) Developer API available?

like strava has one ( and allow developers to develop new apps …spread zwift to other platforms…



“Coming soon”

Eric Min mentioned this on the latest Zwiftcast (Episode 13)

I’ve been asking for an API for the last 12+ months!

Releasing an API that the community would adopt and build tools and enhancements upon is no light matter. 2015 was far too early to release an API, as the product was still changing quite a bit. 2016 saw major platform changes and introduced Workout mode + iOS support, so still not the right time to release an API.

The community has already started building lots of tools on top of the existing, non-API-driven resources and logging, but it’s not enough.

But releasing an API too soon, you risk breaking things and orphaning off the community as you change your API to match your product’s maturation. Release it too late, and you risk losing the community and developers as they go elsewhere or find circumventing ways around your product.

2017 though, is just the right time to release the API. There’s so much that Zwift could do, by moving from an ‘app’ to a ‘platform’, and leveraging that mindshare in the community.

Jon knows I’m going to keep leaning on him for this, it’s front-and-center in my priority list.

For now, join the Zwift Coders group on Facebook, the #Zwift IRC channel on Freenode and join the discussions about what we’re all building and integrating today!

Is there any public/private API  to integrate in IOS applications so that I can upload workout data from my app to Zwift ? Like STRAVA , Training Peaks , Today’s Plan , etc. are having.

Publicly, nothing released or advertised, although many of us are using APIs and services we’ve discovered or abstracted from other sources.

You may find better luck posting your question in the Zwift Coders Facebook group, where these types of discussions are welcome and encouraged.

There’s also the #Zwift channel on IRC (freenode) where discussions sometimes come up about various development topics.

Good luck!