Zwift API and own competitions


I really appreciate riding and running on Zwift as enthusiastic triathlete.
Also I am developer and have my own private project

I fully understand that in times of Covid-19 not all questions can be answered in time.
Sadly I would just like to get a possibility and open rest api or data pull mechanism to grab data from Zwift and build rankings for competitions.
Also it would be great to host own duathlon or triathlon competitions.
Compared to Garmin and Strava a partnership as user and developer with Zwift is much complicated and I feel that I am not really taken seriously.
So could you please give me a possibility and open your world for interested developers to work with your awesome dataset?

Best regards

Would be good. I think the whole GDPR thing spooked zwift. It also meant that the popukar strava leagues site had to close. In the meantime your site -even though it means you have to post your own details to it - looks like a good way of running private zwift race results using the meet up function.
WTRL and Zwiftpower have negotiated some access to zwift APIs and have met the
gdpr data privacy requirements … hope you can build a user base and do the same.

I’ve used the Strava API for this purpose. Riders would ride a course, I’d download their coordinates with the API, then I’d calculate a score based on how long it took them to complete the critical segments of that course (the hills, in my case). I defined “lines” in GPS coordinate and interpolated when riders crossed the “lines”.

I’ve been part of a group which has been organizing Zwift rides were we race each other up climbs on the routes. An API would allow for, at least, extracting the segment times from people’s ride records and calculating scores. I could still have them upload the rides to Strava and use the Strava API then set up my own “start/finish” lines on the route, but it would be so much easier if Zwift would simply allow download of data from activities with an API call.

This would also essentially allow low-key races to be organized via meet-ups. As long as crossing S/F generated “events” in the data record, results could be efficiently generated. FIT files allow for events.

I don’t know about GDPR compliance. The Strava API required authentication to access detailed position data. However, Zwift is a video game: the positions aren’t real.

@Daniel_Connelly great technical solution! I think GDPR is one thing, but solvable, as it is solved in platforms like Strava or Garmin. Users have there to release their data via oauth tokens and can prohibit sharing by deactivating the access for the app. Thus a microcosm is built by many other developers with ideas. It is much different to Zwifts Opt-Out mechanism to activate data sharing for some special fixed apps. This is not very flexible or useful in any way for other developers. Zwift has a good working marketing department, is known and used by many athletes, but has no solution or much interest in an open api for other developers obviously. Zwift Power is one solution, but if you see how many efforts a user has to register and connect with your internal zwift id and a random number, it is not useful for all and users have to share data to more platforms, where they are public. I hope, Zwift will deliver a solution for this somewhen.

Very good suggestions. Agree OAuth2 should help get around GDPR.

I’m ok with getting stats from strava, etc but would like to be able to create and manage events for my cycle club.


I really would like to back you up @Philip_Kretz5685 .

In terms of GDPR it should not be a problem to offer a fully featured Zwift-API, when using the commonly known and proven oAuth-mechanisms for user and resource authentication and authorization.

I just can assume that Zwift has other business ideas.

Recently Garmin had to disable 3rd-party activities detail transmission as a business requirement.
So it is not possible now anymore to receive the Zwift activities via the Garmin API as a Tredict user.
And this wasn’t a Garmin decision.

It is too sad.
Currently it is not possible to offer Zwift support for Tredict.
I hope Zwift will think about the benefits and will provide a oAuth-API for activities too in the future.
Like Wahoo, Coros, Garmin, Suunto, Polar, Tredict itself, and many others also can do.
Lock-in environment are not good for the user.


“The Longhorn boys” :wink:

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