Results and ranking races

In zwift there are no ranking about races and the result are in the screen only at finish race.
In zwiftpower there are all of that but only for riders signed in both platforms.
It’sad to race with 200 riders and see in zwiftpower only half of them.
If there are not possibile to improve a system in zwift, probably it’s possible to create an automatic connection between zwift and zwiftpower, so every zwift user are a zwiftpower user too, and the results of the races are complete

No, there can’t be an automatic connection due to privacy. Not least GDPR.

It used to be like that but due to GDPR restrictions Zwift can’t send all the data to Zwift Power with out the rider consent.

It would be nice if Zwift could make it even easier to link opt-in to Zwift power. Yes I know it is already easy but still lots of people are struggling.

Maybe a notice at the end of the rece where the results used to be that say “find your results on click here to opt-in

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Zwift should just buy ZwiftPower and bring it in house. As a platform Zwift is now established and the racing community is strong so there is no mystery as there was at the start.

Zwift could then have several ‘divisions’ to it;

Zwift: Ride - For when you want to free ride, group ride and be social.
Zwift: Training - A platform for training and improving towards goals.
Zwift: Race - For racing either in friendly or structured competitions.

One subscription, multiple layers to the experience (all of which are already present). To access these different areas there should be a virtual clubhouse that could also include an equipment & kit store.


Zwift have very little interest in policing race results as they don’t want to be involved in disputes over race results, rider verification etc and have upset paying customers.


Exactly what Nigel said.

It’s very sad but this is true. They turn a blind eye to the racing community so they don’t risk any users, in some scenarios they passively encourage weight doping as other cheating as a result. In an unrelated topic, they also apparently have claims to the usage of “fondo” in event names.

Now (?) you can check the results of races (where you participated) from your activity feed in your android/ipad application.

Those are only pretend results. They don’t use any filters for people in the wrong Category, they don’t DQ weight or height dopers.


The OP wasn’t concerned about this consideration.

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