API access to "Zwifting..."

I would be interested in accessing a realtime data from someone who is Zwifting to compile other realtime stats (like a secondary dashboard).

Is this possible or slated? They don’t need to be synchronous or streaming, batch is fine.

Data I would like to uncover would be

  • Realtime tracking similar to ‘myvirtualmission’ for virtual events. (ie. event or challenge dashboard)
  • Realtime comparison to another rider (wattage, speed, etc).
  • Watts/Mph to overtake or virtual buddy.
  • Calorie burn
  • Time/mileage left in free-ride.
  • Malleable interface. I love zwift but the interface doesn’t make sense sometimes… Why do i have to start a ride so i can get into the ‘gear’ interface, or profile information? Seems like many options were thrown up in the air and were placed in random locations.

i think you have to write to developer@zwift.com
I have the same needs to