Supertuck Not Working Sometimes

I just got the Wahoo Kickr Bike, and didn’t have this problem with my previous bike - sometimes my guy won’t go into a supertuck when he’s supposed to. So then I’ll pedal for a second, and stop again, then supertuck works. Anyone else experience this or know what’s going wrong?

To supertuck in Zwift three conditions must be met:

  1. You must be travelling at least ~36MPH (~58km/hr)
  2. The decline must be at least 3%
  3. Your power output must be below 11 watts

Zwift will automatically place you in the supertuck if all these conditions are true. You come back out of the supertuck once any of these conditions is not met – for example, if the road flattens out to a 2% decline.

I have seen this happen on the odd occasion. I think it might be on certain descents.

I believe this is likely a display bug. I.e. Zwift is simply not showing you in the super tuck, but is actually giving you the benefits of it behind the scenes. I have at least noticed it several times myself, where I’d be out of the super tuck position, but was able to see my avatar on someone else’s Zwift (through streams), where I was supertucked, and I was able to keep up with a group of super tucked riders. So it would seem that the physics are working correctly - just the avatar on screen is wrong.

No idea what triggers this situation though, and you’re right that doing a few pedal strokes to get you out of super tuck territory (as outlined by Alex) and back into it will often get your guy to go into super tuck again.

Just wanted to bump this post. Is this reply the best way to bring it to the attention of an admin after the post has gotten old? This issue affects my riding in most of the races I do, even if the physics actually have me in supertuck but it’s not showing.