Super Common Feature Requests

Could you add the ability to access your garage and Drop Shop from the set up page or companion app? That way we could select our bike/wheels prior to entering the map.


let me do a workout when I have time. I got up early to do a workout and it wouldn’t let me. Is there a way around this?

some of the training plans have all the workouts listed in the main workout section, so if it wasn’t available yet you could choose it as an individual workout. There are other feature requests to get rid of the time restrictions, make sure you vote for them.

I’m not an adaptive rider, but I do ride a recumbent. I just like to go fast and far!
Ditto on the recumbent avatar. I ride an AZUB 20 (full suspension) and my trainer setup is with a CruzBike S30.
Along with the recumbent avatar we should get a slight reduction on RPMs in the training routines. 115 RPM on a recumbent feels like 110 RPM on a diamond frame.

When cycling, and trying to choose which Route to start, it would be great to see which Routes I already have as a Badge.
Additionally, when I view my Badges during an existing Ride, I should be able to click on one of those and it ask me if I want to start that one as a new Route (even if I can’t switch Worlds, I should be able to move to the start of the new Route within the World I’m already in). That would allow me to get multiple Badges per riding session as I could never remember how to navigate to a route and stay on it w manual turns.
Add ability to see Badges (noting which have been achieved and remain) within the Companion app.


Also, add badges to setup or companion to help identify goals before starting ride and might guide route choices. Silly, to start a ride to see badges then delete the ride you didnt really do.


Any chance of updating events on a timely basis. As a suggestion, maybe not using carrier pigeons to carry the scraps of paper with the event details, handed to a man named Dimitri who transcribes it to stone, photocopies it, then faxes a copy of the photocopy to some poor guy in your office to enter manually. Maybe there’s a better way, hmm.

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zwift has come a long ways since i started using years ago however given the popularity and success i feel as if there is some development needed to make the experience better overall.
1- optional exit of zwiftapp on finish- pretty common
2- ability to tag riders of choice (teammates) or other during events as to keep visibility clear.basically filter out other rider stats and names upon toggle
3-ability to watch other riders race-live
4-option to not save ride when switching to event
5-best effort replay snapshot. For events or freeride

Would be nice to be ale to add strava or facebook friends like other apps. I would say as zwift is already linked to our strava accounts, it can’t be that hard to incorporate.


For me it’s better if we can sell Back our Frame or Wheelset to the shop or even better if we can sell it to our friends, of course we use Drops as the payment. I think it will be fun.


Like every software company these days, we the paying users end up being the QA instead of them doing more detailed QA in house…I know companies can not test every possible scenario, but when basic bugs get by it does make you wonder :smiley:

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Let us have track racing on the May Field running track please. That would be fun. We really need a velodrome in zwift like Paris Roubaix


For the Hand-cycle request would be cool if you can edit your original post to this request as it is the one that has the most votes for this feature to be added, as the one you have linked to has only 54 votes.

People keep creatign these requests without having a search to see whats there already, the one i have linked to below is on the first page of the feature reequests, sitting on 174votes at time of writing, would be great if we could get more people voting on it.


I would like to see an option to add your bike gearing into the game. Then add a feature to “virtually” change your bikes gearing when you want to do hard climbs. In other words, if my bike has a 52/36 front ring and a 10-34 rear cassette for flat rides I could virtually change my bike gearing to 50/34 and 10-34. What I am looking for is an automatic difficulty change that would truly change the ratio to the correct %. So for the example above, the virtual change would reduce the incline difficulty by 6% when I’m geared at 34X34. This feature allows me to not have to change out my cassette or spider ring on my Zwift bike and allow for accurate representation of the feel on zwift. Obviously we can manually adjust this already. It would be nice if there was a more accurate gearing change to real world scenarios.

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This would be great!

Can you please add this to the list?

-Kickr Climb working in Workouts / Erg mode.

FulGaz and Sufferfest already do it and Wahoo has confirmed that this is 100% on Zwift, there’s a long standing thread at the top of the feature requests for it.

You forgot this one_

Some thoughts

  1. Choose frame/ wheels going in (like choosing a route). This is particularly needed with the new Future works bot riders as If you don’t have the right bike chosen you join, get thrown in, have to hit menu, change bike, completely quit, log back in, rejoin the bot, etc. It’s a pain in the ass. (The bot riders are great though!)
  2. Set up bikes and then choose them instead of frames/ wheels sparately. At the moment when you change frame it keeps the current wheels. So when I switch from my TT frame to my climbing bike I have a set of Super9s on a Tarmac. Why not set up a TT bike, a climbing bike, etc and have that include the wheels as well.
  3. Buy Zwifthub and integrate it into the Companion App.

Good shout, I was just about to suggest this. I have made a list of all the courses I have yet to complete, but I’m sure that shouldn’t really be necessary!

Might as well bin them all… Don’t think they’ve ever implemented any! :joy::joy:

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