I would like to see all-time personal best times instead of just the last 30 days. This would allow me to compare my efforts between seasons.

The following are suggestions for controllable trainer the free ride setting. I am using the original Wahoo Kickr;

  • I would like to see electronic gear shifting, that would mimic shifting gears on the trainer. I feel Zwift attempts to keep my cadence between 80 and 85. I would much rather pedal a cadence of 90-100 but would also like to be able to manually select the cadence during the ride by shifting gears. I don’t shift gears on my bike because I just want to leave it in one gear, and regardless of what gear I’m in, Zwift seems to be pretty close. I’m riding in a gear that would give me 20-21 on the open road, but I can’t get that on Zwift.
  • I would like the option to set a cadence, in workout mode, the cadence adjusts to power. When I’m on the road, I shift to maintain a given cadence. This would probably be really hard to accomplish technically.
  • I would like to be able to choose a power via keyboard at any time, this would be a cool feature so I can adjust my workout based on how I’m feeling and accomplish any goals, instead of relying on a premade workout. This would also allow me to adjust to hills.
  • Adjust trainer difficulty with one key shortcut (allows for a cool-down, etc.).

I would also like to see the all time best in the boards rather then the last 30 days for above reasons.

I don’t do the reverse very often and if not ridden in 30 days, all records are gone.

I will start my own spreadsheet with all my times soon but would be happier if all the data would be in the game as it is collated anyway.

I second Brett Babir’s proposal. I got p.b. on mountain climb 19/2 2018 and now on Zwift or on Strava it’s impossible to see what the time was since i was in a workout! In Strava it only showed p.b. up to the radio tower which in Zwift didn’t produce anything! So now i’m in the dark what the time was from start of climb to finish (where the posts are). If Zwift knows i’ve done a p.b. it shouldn’t be impossible for them to display it!

This is a must as i see it. And they should be “all time p.b’s” and maybe top ten.