Auto gear shift

 Introduce a mode that upchanges gear via resistance when you hit a certain cadence. I am fairly new to this and often find myself doing an audition for Road Runner when trying to beat my best time for a sprint or whatever. Have the same system for changing down climbing hills. I use a smart trainer (Elite Novo Smart) not really covered yet by Zwift. I am new to this and 66 so not as fit as I used to be. I am using the highest gear setting when I start a ride or I would be just way too slow.

Hi9 Robert,


Try setting your gradient to zero as a test to see if it helps you at all.

No, it doesn`t help Cary. I am using an Elite Novo Smart trainer. In a sprint, when it gets to about 260W , I am at about 120 cadence and simply cant pedal any faster. In a short sprint, I would be at that cadence and power for about 6 or 7 seconds.

What gearing do you have on the bike? I can do 260w at a cadence of 70 with a few more gears that I can use if needed.

I am using a 4iiii power meter and a non controllable trainer, but that should make that much of a difference…

Im on the biggest gear peddling and the smallest gear on the wheel. Its all I can use as the shift is broken (21 speed) Having said that, by my reckoning I can’t go any higher anyway Paul. Important to say that this trainer does not come up in the Elite List on Zwift. My thinking when posting is that this would be a good feature for Zwift. I really have no idea of how accurate evrything is as regards Power etc. The only thing I can trust is the cadence and speed from an independent Coospo sensor as the smart trainer cadence is up and down like a fiddler`s elbow.

How many teeth on the front gear and how many on the rear?

Have you calibrated the Elite Novo trainer?

You cant calibrate it, its not on the list and I cant afford to buy a power meter, it would cost twice as much as the trainer ;) Its too dark in the conservatory, but there are 7 gear possibilities on the back, Im using the smallest cog. On the front I am using the biggest of three options. Its a 21 speed mountain bike with knackered gear change.

Not sure if you have seen this article:–Info-Which-Elite-Classic-Trainers-Does-Zwift-Support-

You might be choosing the wrong trainer. 

I have seen that page, but the Elite Novo Smart is not there and none of the pictures look the same as my mag/power unit, but thanks for posting :slight_smile:

The Myetraining app now seems to write to the Elite Novo Smart after calibration run and still remembers it when you go to ride in Zwift. There is no real change in the Zwift performance, still spinning out on short sprints (and longer ones). After reading another thread, found a guy who had put his P readings up to 291,298 and 217 for P3 and got a better experience in Zwift. I gave it a go and it is much better. A much more satisfying ride in Zwift where you aren`t passed by most people and sprints are much better. It still spins out on sprints but the times are reasonable. Give it a go if you are totally frustrated with the lack of support. The Novo Smart appears to have the same electronics as the Qubo Smart so it might work for that as well. Make sure you write down the P1, P2 and P3 settings before you change them and you will be able to go back and re-write them in the Myetraining app. Writing to the trainer can be a pain, sometimes it takes 4 attempts to get a successful write (it tells you when it has written okay) There is something seriously wrong with the Qubo and Novo Smart trainers where they dont seem to be able to add any more resistance when it is needed. I am peddling at about 150 cadence when it starts to spin out on short sprints two thirds into the sprint and I am in top gear for all of it. The front chain ring is only 42T. I have a feeling that if I can fit a 48T front chain ring it would certainly be improved. The resulting FTP for me looks reasonable at 205. I may adjust further in the future. Not sure what the limits are for the P settings, but it looks like over 300 may be acceptable to the trainer. At the moment I am getting a reasonable experience in Zwift, much improved from before upping the P settings.