Subscription won't activate

Paused my account until May 31st, but decided to start it back up, so I just went ahead and paid for a year subscription. It’s telling me that it won’t go into effect until May 30th. I’m unable to do anything till then. Who can I get in touch with to kick this in?

If you go to the Support link, start the chat, and keep telling it you want to talk to a human, some people have had success that way. (Contact Us - Official Zwift Support | Zwift)

Otherwise, we can try to summon one of the staff here in the forum, see if they can get this done. Don’t know whose wheelhouse this would be in…maybe @Juan_Lopez10?

Tom, thanks for the reply and help.

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No worries :slight_smile: I’m wondering if the system just doesn’t expect a quick turnaround like that. But someone should be able to push the right button.

Hey @John_Altobello_6026 - I’ve flagged this to our CS team to try and get you Zwifting asap. I will reach out in a DM with some more details!

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