Zwift site is not responding

So I finished my 7 day trial and was ready to join. I bought a 3 mo. gift certificate and I still cannot get into the site to activate it. The dashboard just hangs and never boots up.

Have you tried different browsers and/or clearing your cache.

this is happening to me too, trying to put in a promo code and just hanging on the “validating” screen indefinitely… i’ve put a message through to support. i have tried 3 different browsers and 2 computers.

Did any of you get any response to this or find a way to get the 3mo. membership working?

I gifted a 3mo. membership to a friend, she entered the code and now after 1.5 months she’s getting a message saying her Free Trial is about to end?!?!?!

Open a ticket with support to see if they can help.

Hi Eric, thanks for your reply!

The trial is stating “hours of riding remaining” like the initial free hours you get when you try Zwift before getting a membership. She’s down to 2 hours.


Thanks, I did that on the weekend and got the “we’ll get back to you in 24 hours” response. Still haven’t heard back. Tried calling, no people to answer my call so I left my number for them to call me back, as per their directions, 90 minutes ago.


Thanks very much!