Stupid kom times

Anyone think some of these kom’s are getting ridiculous? The mall sprint is currently an average of 85kph and alpe du zwift fastest times would shame the pros… Are zwift going to look at this or allow these stupid times to stand

Are you looking on Zwift or Strava? Zwift only keeps a 30 day PR, so eventually the crazy times go away. You can flag people on Strava if you suspect they are using a bot or cheating in some way.

So it is only wrong for 30 days , thats allright then .

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No, KOM/Sprint/Lap times are good for just an hour or when the Zwifter exits the program.

Your own PB times are good for 30 days within Zwift.


It shouldnt be there in first place .

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What should be there?

We are not sure if the OP is referring to Zwift KOM times or Strava.

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Ok , just a feeling Zwift needs to clamp down on dodgey times - speeds .

How can they do that. They have checks on lap times. But how could they know if you are super strong or on a bad setup?

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The question has been asked how would zwift know if a bad set up or super strong… I’m seeing 8 second 200m sprint times. As an ex track sprinter that is not possible the world record on a track at altitude is slower than that its insane. Maybe they should only allow kom’s from approved devices take London pal Mal on strava. A whole bunch of alleged 8 second times in excess of 80kph on the flat. It’s not rocket science to spot they are not legit


If you are referring to Strava KOM times you can flag them.

Zwift has no real say on what happens on KOM times on Strava.

Also, if you see someone putting out unrealistic numbers on Zwift you can contact the user using the ZCA and or Flag them as a Flier. Some new to Zwift don’t know that their setup is not correct and might need some assistance from more experienced Zwifters. Some have never trained or seen what their power number should be so they have no idea it’s wrong. Let’s help these new users out a little more.

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I’m pretty sure I know what the OP is talking about. Last weekend I was riding Watopia Hilly Loop (forward) and on the first climb. I’m larger than most riders, so I know I’m not going to get a KOM, but I saw that the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th place riders were in the low 2 minute area, but the 1st place was showing 22 SECONDS. I though, “That rider was cheating.”

Then, a minute later as I continued to trudge up the hill, I saw that the same 1st place rider now showed 18 SECONDS in the KOM display.

It may be a glitch in the software, or maybe someone testing something on the back end of the server…not really sure if it was a bad setup by a user. I’m pretty certain that I was not passed on my screen by the rider listed in 1st position, which leads me to think of a software or programming glitch.

Ride On!

Could any of those riders been in workout mode? May not explain the crazy numbers, but I know I’ll fly by non-workout riders on a climb when in workout mode. I’ve noticed I’ll get PR’s, which I think isn’t really legit when in workout mode.

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Those 8 s times for the Mal Sprint could be legit - within the Zwift world.

Say you’re a strong sprinter, and you’re riding in a group ride with Double Draft and 200 other riders who are hammering along at 65+ km/hr through the sprint, and you have an Aero Boost. Add in that Strava only records to the full second, so those 8 s times may be 8.99 s…

I looked yesterday at the corkscrew i had just done and noticed 1 guy who had a perfectly flat power curve producing 390 watts for 2.5hrs .in his profile pic his bike was a small size and he looked about 5’7”.