How to remove times from KOM/Sprint/Laps etc

Hi there. Today I joined the “Endurance” training for the Zwift-Tri. However, I seemed to also joined another event, and somehow I did the Tri-event but was teleported to Innsbruck (where the other event was being held). Ok, well, then I’ll ride on my own. But after the top of the mountain, the downhill went as fast as h… reaching idiotic speeds of 340kph. And therefore racking up the KOM, Sprint and Lap records in no-time.

How can I delete these times from the Zwift records? It’s not fair to the other Zwifters, and it’s not “helping” my own training-log. And I will rather not be looked upon as a cheater…

Regards, Richard

They only last an hour on the leaderboards so they are already gone.

Interesting. Back in May there were some instances during the Giro TT challenge. The one where I got a screen shot had the rider going up a 5% grade in Watopia at 175 km/h at 188 watts. And appeared to be 13th on the live leader board in the Giro TT in Bologna at the same time.

Maybe this is some event/world glitch that produces an absurd speed result simultaneously for one Zwifter in one Zwift world and normal results in the other.

Here’s the post from May: 175 km/h uphill at 2.3 w/kg, 188 watts